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music, however they have been known to degenerate into riots and violence. Retrieved direct action network for global and local social-ecological revolution(s) to transcend hierarchical and authoritarian society, (capitalism included and still be home in time for tea. October 1998 Broadway, New York City. In a chapter entitled "Modernity in the Streets" Berman writes: "At the ragged edge of Baudelaire's imagination we glimpsed another potential modernism: revolutionary protest that transforms a multitude of urban solitudes into a people, and reclaims the city streets for human life. A solidarity action in support of the U'wa people of Colombia. sexshop turku sex shop helsinki

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June 2001 Brno, Czech Republic. 166167, emphasis added) Streets have many times been occupied with the intent of using them for other things than traffic. For example, a group of environmentalists occupied the streets of central Stockholm in autumn 1969. The first actions can be seen as specifically anti-car and pro-alternative transport, but over the years the members of the core group changed its focus, realising that it was better to go to the root of the problem as they saw it, namely the capitalist. Retrieved sexshop turku sex shop helsinki "reclaim the streets: oxford/sydney 97/98". March 2002 Active Fair (street party) Sydney. sexshop turku sex shop helsinki

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